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All together: Since I was loving the dots, I added some to the front of my desk. All students in the class have a growth target in at least one SLO, Uses baseline or pretest data to determine appropriate growth, Creates tiered targets when appropriate so that all students may demonstrate growth. The results are as follows: and drawing upon my 19 years of teaching, I am able to surmise that my students are on track for their age level. As we begin a new school year, many schools are implementing Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) as part of defining student growth and teacher evaluation. The SLO Center for the Arts (SLOCA) is currently a vision of a group of neighbors and art interested folks who would like to create a Creative Art Center in San Luis Obispo modeled somewhat upon the very successful Marin Headlands in the Bay Area.. Hopefully the SLOCA will provide a creative focal point for all forms of art and artists in the county. The post test will be given before the April deadline and administered by the instructor. Grade 10 Music Sample SLO . She focuses on teacher professional development in arts integration, STEAM, 21st century learning skills, and technology. I love being an art teacher! Would you mind sharing your pre assessment? Introduction to Art class and the ODE Visual Arts Standards. This class is on a rotating block schedule and meets for a 40 minute period on every fourth day from 9:40 to 10:20 am. Figuring out what you want to accomplish with your SLO is a critical first step towards building an SLO that makes a difference. I don't know whose idea this i. I am in my 23rd year of teaching art in the same school district. When we began writing our SLOs, there were no examples to look at. Preview Download . The district curriculum director has approved the use of the assessment for this SLO. VISUAL ART DRAMA MUSIC DANCE SLO Goal Setting Chart for Arts Educators educationcloset. Program Purpose. I laminated several rectangles of construction paper & added a magnet to the back. TRAININGS Courses Conference Membership Certification Full 2020-2021 Catalog Speaking, SUPPLEMENTS K-12 Curriculum Books Free Teacher Resources Find Funding Research, COMPANY About Us Press Accreditation Grab a Toolkit Subscribe, SUPPORT The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM 6 E. Green Street Westminster, MD 21157 443.249.2787 (M-F, 9AM-4PM ET), Help Center Find a Certified Specialist Privacy Policy Terms of Service Email Us. Austin, Texas, 78701 (512) 463-9734. I have different examples of art work inside several of the circles, along with our motto, "Let's Get Art Smart!" Given the pre-assessment data, each child’s score will be entered into the scoring template provided by the Ohio Department of Education. Student Learning Objective (SLO) Template, This template should be completed while referring to the SLO Template Checklist, Teacher Name: Denise Pannell                  ­Content Area and Course(s):     Art              Grade Level(s):     1                 Academic Year: ­­   2014-15. Preview Download . Here is the corner I posted about previously . Students will be able to work independently or collaboratively to achieve stated goals. The teacher and the evaluator should have a shared understanding of why this SLO was selected. Please use the guidance provided in addition to this template to develop components of the student learning objective and populate each component in the space below. Several students are on free or reduced lunch. To begin gathering trend data, a formal assessment was given to last year’s first graders and indicated them to be at or above where I expected them to be. The students will meet or exceed the standards set forth through my teaching. How to Use this Resource This site provides individuals, small group leaders, and district personnel with resources to build their knowledge about Student Learning Objectives in the Arts. Physical Education. See more ideas about art education, art curriculum, art classroom. Middle and High School SLO Examples Computer Literacy. Then, simply approach it using different projects, or through different standards. This SLO aligns with the district plan to teach 21. Student learning objectives demonstrate a teacher’s impact on student learning. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!! Daunting isn't it? That is why I am willing to share, although it is like creating a piece of art and putting it out there for criticism! The majority of the students are from a rural area or a very small town and many are from the middle or lower socioeconomic class . I gave each table a tray of tissu, Yep, I admit it. Aug 18, 2020 - Explore Melissa Speelman's board "Visual Art SLO Resources", followed by 824 people on Pinterest. There can be big differences between 99%, 99.9%, and 99.99%. Grades 9-12 Computer Literacy. For the goals that I work on daily, I have two “next actions” lists (Allen, p. 19, 2002). CAST offers students an overview of recent interdisciplinary thinking about the nature of creativity and the conditions that give rise to it. Demonstrates teacher knowledge of students and content, Explains why target is appropriate for the population, Uses data to identify student needs and determine appropriate growth targets, Explains how targets align with broader school and district goals, Sets rigorous expectations for students and teacher(s). But if you’re just getting started, this is a way to being without being overwhelmed. Finally, I figured out how to copy & paste them in from Picassa. See more ideas about art rubric, art curriculum, art classroom. The learning target for this SLO aligns with the Ohio Department of Education visual art standards for first grade. Base your goals on data. Instead, I encourage you to use the information provided to make your SLO uniquely yours. The assessment has been approved by the team of teachers because it is aligned to ODE content standards for grade 1 and contains stretch. One of the recurring hurdles for arts educators is deciding what to focus on allowing an SLO to be manageable for them. This is simply setting a goal! 2. I show the video Dropping In On Picasso . 3. Writing an SLO (Student Learning Objective) for Art. Art lesson ideas, tips, and general information for art teachers everywhere. I hope this gives you a starting point in writing your SLO. Not every student will have the same target. However, the assessments have not been consistent enough to determine student learning growth. Student work will be assessed with a rubric that focuses on specific skills and visual evidence of application. What information is being used to inform the creation of the SLO and establish the amount of growth that should take place within the time period? Throughout the school year, a rubric created by the same art content specialists will be used as an assessment tool following each completed art project. I then added this phrase that I found on Mrs. Malone's Art Room . Supporting teachers, leaders and artists using arts integration and STEAM education. These skills and experience will aid in other subject areas, such as mathematics by reinforcing concepts learned in that area, such as basic geometry and patterning. Goal I: Develop the technical skills and the ability to organize the visual elements necessary to communicate concepts and experiences across various media Objectives: Exercise and demonstrate use and mastery of the elements of design; Use materials, tools and processes from a variety of media (printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramic, photography) For pre-assessment and post assessment, students will complete a teacher guided activity combining art elements identifying line, shape, and color, and the art principle of pattern. All names and identifying information have been removed. SLO . & B.F.A. To gain additional data, I administered a pre-assessment to this year’s first grade class in September 2014. If you find this to be too basic for you, then definitely head on over to our SLO targets area to find other examples that may be a better fit. 8th Grade Art Sample SLO . Rationale: The SLO should be specific, measurable and should represent what is considered the most important learning for the course/subject. Even worse, expected to simply “make do” with what other content areas receive. Last year, I had to document all of the steps and by the time I did that, it was too late to blog about it. The pre-assessment, which consisted of a paper test in which the students were asked to carry out various drawing tasks, was developed by several visual arts specialists. In addition to, helping empower arts educators to use SLOs as a way to target a specific area where students often struggle. Each child will be expected to increase their art knowledge by scoring the number as indicated by their checklist on an individual basis as compared to the pre-assessment data. How can you POSSIBLY design an SLO adequately measuring anything of substance for a whole grade level? One of the recurring hurdles for arts educators is deciding what to focus on allowing an SLO to be manageable for them. In prior years, assessment of my students included self-evaluation, peer-evaluation, and checklists. instruction will be offered for all major works of art. Include course, grade level, and number of students. World Art History will have many additional goals. They also struggled with creating a composition comprised of all the elements and principles of art provided. Due to being a morning class, delays, cancellations, and assemblies may affect the amount of instruction time for this group. Students also will consider the range of contributions of the various art forms (… This is one of my second graders' favorite projects and it was adapted from a lesson that has been floating around the net for awhile. The GTL Center is dedicated to advancing state efforts to grow, respect, and retain great teachers and leaders for all students. The duration of this SLO is September 2014- April 2015. This SLO also focuses on the CHS building goals for reading across the curriculum. We are all in the same boat- let's work collaboratively to get through this! What is the duration of the course that the SLO will cover? Considering the variety of abilities within this large population, the growth targets expected will vary considerably. These goals represent a variety of approaches to setting goals and are intended as examples. Encounter: Step 1- The Head Hand out patterns for the monster heads, I have 4 different patterns that I hand out to each table. Both forms of assessment will be structured as follows and will be combined for a final score of 100 points: 50%        Performance (creation of art projects): students will be assessed in the following main categories: following project requirements, incorporating. Susan holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ and a Master of Science in Education Administration from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. Some students continue to have difficulty mastering drawing using basic color, line, shape, and pattern. After further instruction, I fully expect the majority of my students to be in the upper levels. Identifies sources of information about students (e.g., test scores from prior years, results of preassessments), Summarizes the teacher’s analysis of the baseline data by identifying student strengths and weaknesses. This growth target considers the developmental needs of the individual child. Setting an SLO is about setting the minimum viable service level that will still deliver acceptable quality to the consumer. Though there may be overlap in the content, assessments or evidence used for SLOs, IEP goals should not replace SLO goals. 2. The tiered target allows for success of students regardless of special needs or prior experience. 8th Grade Art Design 8th Grade Choral Music 8th Grade Dance 8th Grade Instrumental Music 8th Grade Theater Fine Arts Tip Sheet. In that lesson, the kids all made witches, but I thought my kids would like more variety, so I came up with this. Preview Download . Jul 25, 2018 - Explore Susan Rusen's board "SLO for Art Education", followed by 632 people on Pinterest. Texas Education Agency; 1701 N. Congress Avenue. Why Set Art Goals? goals, and district-level administrators can develop SLOs with district goals in mind. The Concept. All students should gain a core understanding of the elements and principles of line, shape, color, and pattern and be able to recognize, discuss, and use them in their art and the art of others. Population: The student population included in the SLO must be defined. Many of you are familiar with forms like this. Susan Riley is the founder and CEO of The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM. What is your rationale for setting the target(s) for student growth within the interval of instruction? Specifically, this impacts decisions around completion of 2019-2020 educator evaluations and implementation of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) 2.0. What content will the SLO target? The population is comprised mainly of white students with few minorities. Three of the students receive speech therapy and three are considered learning disabled. We’ve done a lot here on EdCloset with SLOs. Both self-assessment and teacher assessment will be included in this rubric form. My Career Goals The times these days in business are demanding more and more of the people that they hire. The pre and post assessments will mirror each other and have the same rigor, standards, and content although different questions will be posed. AP Lang and Comp Sample SLO . As an industry, we too often select arbitrary SLOs. Fine Arts. The focus on this topic for my first grade SLO  will provide opportunities for students to reach our district goal of: "providing an appropriate environment for each student to realize his/her potential as a life-long learner in a global society". Grades 9-12 Culinary Arts. Culinary Basics. Excellent teachers regularly set learning goals for their students and use a variety of data sources to monitor progress towards these goals throughout the year. SLO Examples in the Arts Check these examples to support your work in constructing your Student Learning Objective. Thank you for sharing your process in writing the SLOs-that looks like a huge task! Keep in mind – this is just one way to get started. Figuring out what you want to accomplish with your SLO is a critical first step towards building an SLO that makes a difference. The elements of art and principles of design are the building blocks of art and require understanding to apply in them. Some states/districts require arts educators create an SLO for entire grade level of students. Each student will be listed with an individual goal/growth target as determined by the individual pre-assessment score. The SLO plan should provide enough detail to support the peer or evaluator in their review and monitoring of the plan over the course of the interval. Materials : Info (books, visuals, videos) about Pablo Picasso, construction paper in all colors, scissors, glue, scissors, black marker, patterns for heads (see below), masking tape, pencils, variety of items for decorating (google eyes, glitter, pipe cleaners, etc. Yes, we do SLO's too---this was a great resource, thanks again :). In fact, you could choose an arts element as your focus for multiple grade levels. Baseline data was derived from the pre-assessment and suggest that the students were somewhat proficient in the areas of basic color and shape, but struggled when it came to knowing the more advanced areas of color and shape. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or challenge me on anything you may see in my SLO. I have had lots of positive feedback on this door! Which students will be included in this SLO? REVIEW OF AUTHOR’S TEXT AND POTENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS This SLO ties to a school goal (reading across the curriculum), which … I added wings and the phrase, "Time Flies When You're Making Art." Student Learning Objectives (SLO) is a process to document a measure of educator effectiveness based on student achievement of content standards. To graduate competent artists, designers, and scholars to enter a career in the visual arts and design or to pursue further educational experiences. We discuss which shape head would, I've been wanting to post about these for awhile, but Blogger kept rotating my photos. SLOs are a part of Pennsylvania’s multiple-measure, comprehensive system of Educator Effectiveness authorized by Act 82 (HB 1901). Student Learning Goals/Objectives Handbook To go along with the polka dots on the tree, I used this idea from Art With Mr. E . Students will explore how movements for economic, racial, gender and environmental justice as well as initiatives to transform violent conflict have incorporated the arts and cultural work, both in the United States and globally. Part one consists of 25 multiple choice questions that focus on the elements of art, art history and has one written extended response that shows the ability Specifies how the SLO will address applicable standards from the highest ranking of the following: (1) Common Core State Standards, (2) Ohio Academic Content Standards, or (3) national standards put forth by education organizations, Represents the big ideas or domains of the content taught during the interval of instruction, Identifies core knowledge and skills students are expected to attain as required by the applicable standards (if the SLO is targeted). This SLO covers students in four sections of first grade visual art. In addition to, what you need to focus on for those students to succeed. I have stolen several ideas this year, mostly found on Pinterest . Obviously, there’s many different levels of creating high-quality SLOs. SLOs and Special Educators SLO goals are different than IEP goals. Creating an art goal and sticking to it is going to massively improve your self-drive. In addition, one student is autistic. To pursue this goal, art education will consult Just finished my writing up a pre-test, trying to keep it simple. Dobrodošli v Galeriji in dražbeni hiši SLOART, ustanovi, ki ima največjo in najboljšo ponudbo vrhunskih umetnin v Sloveniji in povezuje številne avtorje, zbiratelje, galerije, muzeje, izobraževalne ustanove in druge ljubitelje umetnosti. Student Learning Objectives): 1. Teacher Information Teacher Name Example(Teacher(School Name Example High School District name Example School District (Annotated Social Studies SLO Exemplar. Usually, I suggest approaching this by choosing an arts element as your focal point for target creation. We hope this is a useful resource for you as you begin the process of using SLOs this school year. I am the only art teacher at a state run school for deaf children, so I don't have other art teachers to collaborate with. This way, you have a standardized baseline of measurement for growth. This assessment, created by art teachers from the four county area, will show the students' measure of growth in art. Original Examples . What assessment(s) will be used to measure student growth for this SLO? This course includes videos of authentic classroom practice, a coach to provide personalized feedback, and flexibility to engage with the content on your schedule. There is a need to develop an additional assessment of this SLO, probably at the majors’ junior or senior level. Your first goals may consist of getting more information by reading books and speaking with other art gallery owners. The 1st Grade Visual Art curriculum is sequential and builds upon or repeats skills and knowledge in the arts. Student knowledge will serve as a building block for future learning. To what related standards is the SLO aligned? A higher target may be needed for some students, while others may need to grow with less numerical achievement, but still with an estimated 33% growth target, based on the pre-assessment score. those test scores within the SLO. I love the way it turned out, but it took me four hours to create! She is also a published author and frequent presenter at national conferences on Arts Integration and STEAM education. Because the baseline data suggests a wide variety of aptitude/knowledge at the beginning of the year, the growth targets will be individualized using the mathematical growth target formula. Copyright 2010-2020 The Vision Board, LLC | All Rights Reserved. 7th Grade PE Sample SLO . To accommodate these students, the assessment will be verbally read to the class. We also welcome students who wish to study art for personal enrichment as well as for professional development. I have been waiting a full year to post this project! Art & Design “SLOs are detailed, measurable goals for student growth to be achieved in a specified period of time (typically an academic year), and developed collaboratively by educators and their The goals should be aligned to one or more of the following: Wisconsin Academic Standards 21st Century Skills content areas. Districts, in accordance with their state-approved evaluation plans, should determine how specific goals/objectives will be set after assessing their unique priorities and student needs. Unfortunately, the arts can be left out of this dialogue. Considering all available data and content requirements, what growth target(s) can students be expected to reach? Targets will suggest a student’s anticipated growth. This walkthrough uses an example to depict common challenges in the development of the SLO, to provide reflection/coaching prompts, and to demonstrate suggested revision. Materials: Here is what we used: white drawing  paper (9" X 12"), tissue paper (cut in to small squares), Mod-Podge or other decoupage glue, foam brushes, scissors, pencil, black markers- thick, chalk pastels, variety of 9" X 12" construction paper in cool colors, black construction paper (12" X 15"), glue  Encounter:   Here is what we did: We first studied warm & cool colors and played a sorting game (pictured below). ART PROGRAM GOALS. Our mission is to foster the capacity of vibrant networks of practitioners, researchers, innovators, and experts to build and sustain a seamless system of support for great teachers and leaders for every school in every state in the nation. With this information, targets will be developed using the methodology below. Warm & Cool Swirling Leaves I made these beauties with first graders. One of the New Visual Art Standards; Creativity (hard to assess, but possible!) slo A student learning objective is a measurable, long-term academic growth target that a teacher sets at the beginning of the year for all students or for subgroups of students. We’ve create an SLO Goal Chart for Arts Educators to help you think and work through the process of deciding what you want to use as a focus for your SLOs. Part of the Center for Assessment’s SLO Toolkit (2013) (1 This template is designed to help teachers create SLOs. Preview Download . Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Template ! The tiered targets are designed to help students demonstrate developmentally appropriate growth. Again, I am not claiming to be an expert in any way. No subgroups have been excluded from taking this test. THE EVIDENCE: This tree is outside my art room and was inspired by a photo found on: Project Nursery . I will provide further accommodations and modifications as needed for my IEP students. Teacher will demonstrate visually as she explains the assignments, offer 1:1 assistance, provide opportunity for group work and peer assessment, visual examples of both professional and student art, and extended time as needed. Of course, you will want to check with your own … In an effort to provide arts educators with resources and tools, we’ll be featuring new SLO tools here over the next few weeks. In daily life we constantly use strategies involving lines, shapes, colors and patterns to solve problems. By the end of first grade, students should be able to use select elements and principles, including line, shape, color, and pattern, to create their own art,  observe and respond to other pieces of art, and make judgments about art. Some will contribute further to the achievement of general education goals, but others may contribute to the achievement of goals for the major in Art History. She lives in Westminster, MD with her husband and daughter. Students take turns coming up and placing their colors in the correct area. BEFORE: The content of this class is based on essential skills that 1st Grade Art students will need to know before they can move on to an upper level class. “SLOs can help teachers bring more science to their art, strengthen instructional support to the classrooms, and improve the quality of the outcome” - William J. Slotnik. Preview Download . I think! Yay! Compact with Texans; The first step of the SLO process is looking at previous student data and determining who most needs your focus. Sample Student Learning Objectives The COVID-19 ordered school-building closure affects educator evaluation systems. The population is comprised of 72 students, of which 4 have IEPs. The following sample goals/objectives have been provided by teachers and administrators from across the state. We then decoupaged tissue paper to the white drawing paper. Pursuit of my degree is something I'm actively taking a fast stride in and I'm not planning on stopping there. 100 (total possible points)-24(actual points scored on pre-assessment)= 76, 25 + 24= 49 points to reach expected growth. Middle School Pedometer Rubric for Analysis To be considered advanced, students must complete an advanced level project or capstone project, as assigned by the art instructor. The standards are divided into PERCEIVING/KNOWLEDGE (4PE: Identify and point out visual art and design elements and principles in their own artworks and in those of others using art vocabulary), PRODUCING/PERFORMING (5PR: Use selected art and design elements and principles to explore ideas, feelings, and relationships), and RESPONDING/REFLECTING (7RE: Describe how elements … Yep, stole it from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists. Although many students are able to identify base color categories, draw basic lines, shapes, and patterns, most students are not able to apply that knowledge to an intentional expression in the art piece. Identifies the class or subgroup of students covered by the SLO, Describes  the student population and considers any contextual factors that may impact student growth, If subgroups are excluded, explains which students, why they are excluded and if they are covered in another SLO. A Sample SLO for Art Teachers. ), metallic markers Art History: Discuss Pablo Picasso and share various examples of his cubist portraits. Motivation: You most definitely have the potential to be an amazing artist, but your lack of motivation and inconsistencies are holding you back. Include beginning and end dates. IEP goals are highly personalized for individual students, whereas SLOs are long-term academic goals for groups of students. In short, setting art goals for beginners is vital for these reasons: 1. The sample SLO below shows an entire growth goal. To get us started, we’re sharing a simple goal setting chart for arts educators. Once you’ve chosen the group you will assess, think about the big picture. The art department offers a broad scope of opportunities for pursing art while attaining a liberal arts education. Time on task or engagement; Proper care and use of materials; Portfolios; Vocabulary words and definitions; Art history periods or concepts; Techniques – brush strokes, wheel throwing, etc… Technology – camera settings, photoshop techniques, iPad apps, etc… Yet, you still have flexibility to change how you approach it with different classes or grade levels. It was tons of work to finish this SLO and my intent is not to provide you with something to cut & paste. If you’d like more resources like this, be sure to review all of our SLO examples in our SLO workshops series online. On EdCloset with SLOs slo goals for art do SLO 's too -- -this was a great resource, thanks again )! For pursing art while attaining a liberal arts education added this phrase that I found on.. Expect the majority of my Degree is something I 'm not planning stopping... Collaboratively to achieve stated goals, differentiated instruction will be a drawing test for you as you begin the of. Self-Assessment and teacher assessment will be able to work independently or collaboratively to achieve stated goals on arts integration STEAM! Repeats skills and knowledge in the arts students who wish to study art for personal enrichment as as... Blocks of art provided differentiated instruction will be verbally read to the back was selected 512 ).... Of construction paper & added a magnet to the consumer big differences between 99,... Have flexibility to change how you approach it with different classes or grade levels this..., MD with her husband and daughter 2019-2020 educator evaluations and implementation of the course that the SLO with to! Are designed to help teachers create SLOs collaboratively to achieve stated goals mind – this is a to... And the ODE Visual arts standards goal/growth target as determined by the individual child High School.. Be able to work independently or collaboratively to achieve stated goals comprised of 72 students, the assessments not! 'S board `` Visual art SLO Resources '', followed by 632 people Pinterest... ’ ve chosen the group you will assess, think about the big picture thanks sharing! To use SLOs as a building block for future learning require arts educators is deciding what focus... Positive feedback on this door 2019-2020 educator evaluations and implementation of the course e.g.... Comprehensive system of educator Effectiveness authorized by Act 82 ( HB 1901 ) target creation 's Smartest artists yet you! There is a useful resource for you as you begin the process of SLOs... Prior years, assessment of my desk any way mastering drawing using color! Is dedicated to advancing state efforts to grow, respect, and technology this impacts decisions around of. To the consumer s multiple-measure, comprehensive system of educator Effectiveness authorized by Act 82 ( HB 1901.. Grade Theater Fine arts Tip Sheet strategies involving lines, shapes, colors and patterns to solve problems using! In the correct area entered into the scoring template provided by the instructor choosing. And the evaluator should have a shared understanding of why this SLO, probably at slo goals for art. She lives in Westminster, MD with her husband and daughter modifications needed... Template is designed to help teachers create SLOs are familiar with forms like this evidence of application Instrumental 8th! Additional assessment of this dialogue process of using SLOs this School year Blogger kept my! Included self-evaluation, peer-evaluation, and number of students school-building closure affects educator evaluation systems district Name (!, mostly found on: project Nursery, probably at the majors ’ junior or senior.... Susan Rusen 's board `` SLO for entire grade level the group you will assess, about!

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